Batis central after sales Office has started its activities since 1392.
This center seeks to recruit specialists in providing after sales services to our customers in Fittings Market.
This Office is responsible for Guarantee service, installation and maintenance the products of Batis.
Following Products are under Guarantee:

1) All Rectangular Locks except Spray painted color ones
2) All Door Handles except Iron dotted door handles
3) All Rim Locks
4) Soft Closing Hinges
5) All Door Closers
6) All Door Locks
7) All Cylinders except following items:

• 54mm oval cylinder, brass color,3 brass keys
• 62(31+31)mm, 16.5 dia, brass polish ,3 normal brass keys , normal box
• 70(30+40)mm, 16.5 dia, 3 normal brass keys, normal box ) brass polish , satin polish)

Terms of Guarantee

To use the Service, customers can call the phone number listed in the guarantee card or recourse to Batis sales representatives with valid guarantee card so they can use the benefits of the guarantee card.

1- If Guarantee terms are fulfilled, the services will includes free repair or replacement of equipment and services for replacement parts and repair labor.
2- Only devices with guarantee card can get guarantee services, obviously guarantee services will be provided after presenting the guarantee card.
3- After sales Services will be provided at Batis central after sales Office or at the product installation location if approved experts of company find it necessary.
4- The maximum period of after sales service coverage for door closers is 24 months from date of manufacture and 12 months from date of production for electrical rim locks(with a valid invoice) . The date of product’s manufacturing is listed on the product guarantee card.
5- Guarantee does not apply in the following situations:

A – Damage caused by transportation, power fluctuations (for electric rim locks), impact, misuse or neglect of the instructions described in the manual.
B – Devices which are installed by persons other than authorized installers and repairmen.
C – Any change or damage in guarantee card, which leads to undermined card.

Opening hours: Saturday to Wednesday: 8 am to 5 pm
Thursdays from 8 am to 13

Address: Unit 7, No. 32, 2nd Jamaldara Dead-end, Shoja’ee Alley, Hassan Abad Sq., Tehran

Contact Number, all over Iran: 021-66756500


Introduction to after sales services office sections

Information Center:
Accountability and responsibility to inform Batis customers are two main tasks of this section. Signing up and tracking the status of a defective product, consultations, surveys of customer ,complaints in order to providing better services are among other tasks of this section.

Representatives Center:
This section supports Representatives, Make decisions about granting or revoking delegation, and regulating the representatives’ status.

Quality Assurance:
This role of this section defined as technical support, training and controlling the technical operation of representatives.

Providing Devices:
This department handles the procurement of parts needed by customer and representatives.

Customers Services:
Taking care of customers’ complaints and customer satisfying them is the main task of this section.